Monday, December 7, 2009

Isaac & Grandma's Birthday!

This weekend we celebrated Isaac and Grandma's Birthdays
Jessi and Isaac stayed the weekend at our house
along with their army of children.
But we love them <3
we all ate a delicious dinner made by our AMAZING mom
opened presents.. and ate cake and ice cream
here are some pictures..

Best Part! Santa showed up!

i hope you just laughed as hard as i did...
grandma had a great Birthday haha

Isaac... do you see his princess card?

Chris & Lesley

isn't he splendid?

Evan and Papa


the grandparents..

Timmy helping red with homework.

Nose Party Anyone?

carl was sleeping at our house!

so why not have a nose party?

it was epic :)

im pretty sure i won.

ya hoo...

jessi your invited to our next one... haha


Please.. Enjoy.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

For David

I don't know if you can view video, but if you can, I thought you might enjoy these . . .

California Vacation 2009