Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Cabin!

Every winter we all go up to The Bradshaw Cabin
it was great fun :)
everyone had a good time
our family just keeps getting bigger and bigger
so things were crazy! :)
as always
( thankyou for the pictures Carl )

We spent the first night roasting weenies
over the fire
(we had too much fun with that)

mmm :P

watching He-man

Red brought up his friend Martin
Christ and Lesley even came up for a day

isn't she the cutest?

um.. i don't know what was happening here
Our Dad is a goof :)
haha mom hates her picture getting taken


even though we were in the cabin for allot of the time..
there was still fun outside! :)
all the little kids had tons of fun in the snow :)

Our dad is getting old.. haha
but that does not stop him from playing in the snow!
he comes out and goes tubbing every year :)
he's the coolest.

carl and her clever photagraphy

Carlye and I tried going sledding..
keyword TRIED
we crashed about every 10 feet it was epic

California Vacation 2009